The ‘About’ Page; in which many things with no need for explanation are explained, and some things we could have explained better are left hanging…

Hello! If your last name is Arconati and you live in the United States of America, we are probably related. If you are looking for one of the following things…

  • Arconati Family Genealogy
  • Arconati Family History
  • The opportunity to connect with other people with the last name Arconati
  • The option to have an email address with _______@arconati.net
  • More information on our Italian heritage

…Then you have come to the right place. My name is James A. Arconati and I’ve owned the domain name ARCONATI.NET since June 2005. My intention was always to create a news and social site, specifically for our extended family and what we care about.


For many years, it has been my pleasure, privilege and responsibility to update and maintain this site all by myself. However, the implied invitation has always been there for other folks whose last name (or maiden name) is the same as mine to join me and write more about their own nuclear division of our extended family. However, allow me to be more obvious and forthcoming.

What is interesting about you?

2 replies on “About”

Hello, I am attempting to trace my family to Italy and realize my grandfathers name was changed from Arconati to Arconti. Supposedly his grandfather, my great grandfather was an orphan named Antonio from the Senigalia region. Curious to see if there is any connection? We have a decent sized family spread through southern CT.

Hey CJ! Thanks for your comment. I’m not 100% sure but I’m sad to say we are likely not related. We have a similar orphan story, great-grandfather grew up and immigrated in 1890s. But he was from the Como area, came straight to St. Louis area.

Still… Could be possible.

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