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I like to think of this as The Arconati-Way-Back-Machine. Version 1.5 of this web site was hosted and was using a modified (but originally default) blogger template called Sand Dollar, created by Jason Sutter.

I used this template as my blog and also for the main site as I built it up, first simply hosted at my earthlink space, and then hosted with Sparky. The template was an orange/cream two-column design which I was fond of, but was popular with many bloggers. I wanted to create something from scratch that reflected me a little bit more, was more flexible and made use of a three-column template.

When Sparky got slammed by some script kiddies from France in the middle of July 2005, the site was down for a few months while the storm subsided and Sparky revamped the server.

I am considering officially naming the current version 2.0. It uses a three-column template and is well styled. Everything in it I designed from scratch, so I am very familiar with it. The background is a marker colored page done by Reese. I’m extrapolating every other color in the page from that mixed up background color set; purple, blue, pink, green and throwing in some white and black for good measure. CSS will be used only, no tables, please.

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