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I got an email about the following quote in the October 2006 issue of Digital Transactions Magazine

It’s not just having the technology in place to identify a problem, but having the personnel that understand what the technical indicators mean, says James [E.] Arconati, business leader, capacity management at MasterCard. The problem may not lie on the hardware where it was spotted, but perhaps in a specific set of transactions or card types.

It also can be centered on a specific time of day, such as when batch users access the network. There has to be a holistic, proactive approach to managing a network, says Arconati.

Digital Transactions is an industry-trade journal devoted to trends in the electronic exchange of value. The October 2006 issue features this quote in an article titled Heading Off the Traffic Jam. It’s a discussion about the rapid growth in electronic transactions.

Download the Current Issue and go to page 34.

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